Downtown Piano Works is Dedicated to PROVIDING The Highest QUALITY MUSIC LEARNING Experience


Developing the musicianship of every student is the core of our curriculum. We believe that the piano lesson and the personal qualities gained from that experience, the openness and curiosity essential to creativity, the drive and self-discipline needed for excellence and the empathy necessary for making music, are critical to the achievement of any pursuit; and that music is a powerful catalyst for personal growth, which is central to any experience. 


We offer private lessons for ages 5 and above, with any interest (classical, jazz, composing, song writing, etc..), at any level of study. In addition to introducing young students to the piano, we specialize in rejuvenating teens interest in piano and helping adult students achieve a higher level of musicality.


All students are provided with many opportunities to perform in competitive and non competitive events within our own doors, as well as at the county wide and state level. 

Keyboard Baby



At Downtown Piano Works, the health and safety of our students is our top priority.  We are now offering virtual, one-on-one music lessons. If teacher and student are both vaccinated, in store classes may be requested.  Downtown Piano Works Virtual Lessons helps continue you or your child’s music education in a way that prioritizes well-being. Whether you’re unable to attend lessons in person, traveling or don’t live near a school, use Downtown Piano Works Virtual Lessons to gain access to our skilled music instructors and unique teaching techniques. This new offering coupled with Downtown Piano Works brilliant teaching faculty culminates in a comprehensive music learning experience that is fun, educational and safe.


At A Glance 2021 - 2022

School Calendar

SEP 8                     Fall Semester Begins

NOV 24 - 28          Thanksgiving Break / make-ups

DEC 20 - JAN 32  Winter Break / make-ups


JAN 3                    Winter Semester Begins

JAN 17                  MLK Day - closed

FEB 17-23             Winter Break / make-ups

MAR 28                 Last Day of Winter Semester

MAR 30 - 31         Make-ups


APR 1                    Spring Semester Begins

APR 15-22             Spring Break / make-ups

MAY 28-30            Memorial Day / make-ups

JUN 27                  Last Day Spring Semester

JUN 28 - JUL 6     make-ups

JULY / AUG           Summer Classes



Private lessons are weekly and 1/2 hour in duration.

Fall Semester  (14 lessons)         $490.00

Winter Semester  (12 lessons)    $420.00

Spring Semester  (12 lessons)    $420.00

A 5% discount is offered for one time yearly payments, students taking 1 hour lessons and households with two or more students enrolled. 

Yearly one time payment            $1,263.50

Fall Semester  ($490.00 -5%)         $ 465.50

Winter Semester  ($420.00 -5%)    $ 399.00

Spring Semester  ($420.00 -5%)     $ 399.00


Summer classes and individual lessons may be purchased at a rate of $35 a ½ hour if scheduling permits.

Late enrollment will be prorated. You can join our school at any time.

Tuition must be paid prior to lessons starting.

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