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CF Series


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CF Series 6'3" - 9'

GC Series 5'3" - 5'8"

SX Series 6'1" - 7'6"

CX Series 5'3" - 7'6"

GB Series 5' 

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available models: all grand models


available models: GB, GC & CX


available models: GC1, C1X & C3X

GC2 5'8"

Premium Collection/CF Series

Yamaha's flagship CF Series is the culmination of nearly two decades of research and development to create the world’s finest concert grand piano. The CF is the rare union of clarity of tone and power that pianists crave. Each piano is crafted entirely by hand for a precise response that brings depth, nuance and an endless range of colors to the player’s tonal palette. It is simply a superb instrument. Sizes range from 6'3" to 9'0". The Premium Collection/CF Series includes the CF4, CF6 and CFX. Contact for pricing.

Premium Collection/SX Series

Yamaha took everything they learned from their Flagship CF Series concert grand and crafted an instrument that’s perfectly suited for the conservatory, recital hall or intimate stage. SX pianos are almost entirely handcrafted and feature Yamaha's patented Acoustic Resonance Enhancement process to precisely control the aging of wood in the rims for a warm, elegant tone. A completely redesigned hammer helps produce a wide palette of colors with an intimate sound and depth rarely found in a concert grand. Sizes range from 6'1" - 7'6". The Premium Collection/SX Series includes the S3X, S5X, S6X & S7X. Contact for pricing.

Yutaka Matsuki, designer of the CX series came to Downtown Piano Works. We learned that in addition to being a superb engineer, he is a classically trained opera singer. Read his thoughts on developing the CX here.

Professional Collection/CX Series

The most recorded piano in history. Now this legendary piano has been refined with many of the innovations from Yamaha's flagship CF piano. The back posts, soundboard, ribs, strings and hammers have been redesigned for a more delicate attack, rich harmonics, infinite colors and a beautiful resonance capable of long sustained pianissimo tones and nuanced, expressive fortissimo. In the process of refining a legend, the CX has redefined what a grand piano could be. Sizes range from 5'3" - 7'6". The Professional Collection/CX Series includes the C1X, C2X, C3X, C5X, C6X & C7X - contact us for current sales & promotions!

Classic Collection/GB1K, GC Series

These aren’t just baby grands. Yamaha designers, engineers and craftsmen were challenged to bring out the expressive tone, subtle colors and dynamics of a conservatory grand from a more compact instrument. The GB1K and GC Series put the unmistakable sound of a Yamaha grand piano in more places, and in reach of more people, than ever before. Sizes range from 5'0" - 5'8". The Classic Collection models include the GB1K, the GC1 and the GC2. - contact us for current sales & promotions!
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